Jakaan (24) is one of the most productive DJ's in the Dutch

Since the age of 13 he has been spinning psytrance, full on and progressive.
You can follow him on his youtube-channel where he uploads a new mix every
week, including the latest releases.

He is always looking for the latest tracks, when he's playing a live-set
he often spins unreleased records from the most talented and well known
producers in the psytrance-scene.

Nowadays you can frequently hear Jakaan DJ-ing on Psychedelik.com and tempo-radio.com


Jakaan often perfoms his tricks at squat-parties, but also in larger venues
and festivals such as "Club Lite", "Magneet Festival" (NL) and "The -S-Xperience".

When he's playing live, Jakaan never plays the same set twice.
Jakaan knows and feels what the crowd wants and needs and he won't hesitate to give the
people what they came for... A good vibe on the dancefloor!




Progressive Psytrance mix 50